Harar to Somaliland and back, May 2016

Bob Francescone writes: We did this trip overland in May, 2016. It’s an easy trip to Somaliland, a time-consuming one back. Buses leave from Harar for Jijiga very frequently, but not until they are filled, double-filled, and triple-filled. Our bus had 25 seats and 45 people. Ditto for the bus from Jijiga to the border. … Continue reading Harar to Somaliland and back, May 2016

Somaliland Embassy in Addis Ababa

According to this post (January 2016) on the Thorntree, the Somaliland Embassy in Addis Ababa has moved yet again - this time close to Edna Mall & Medhane Alem Church (Grid G5 on the map on p 158-9 on the Bradt 7th edition) https://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/forums/africa/somalia/current-somaliland-embassy-location-in-addis-ababa-58920b23-d001-4a26-a740-c7f1ad52c679?page=1#post_21941788

Ethiopia visas in Somaliland

Thanks to Pawel for the following important news (which I have expanded slightly) It is no longer possible to get an Ethiopian visa in Somaliland. The Ethiopian representative office in Hargeisa is not issuing them anymore. So if you plan on visiting Somaliland from Ethiopia, you either need a multiple-entry visa for Ethiopia, or you … Continue reading Ethiopia visas in Somaliland