December 2015 trip report

Simon writes: I am just back from 2 1/2 weeks in Ethiopia using your 6th edition (I bought it just before 7 came out ) It is very good, thank you. I am a geriatric backpacker at 60, usually travelling around southern Africa in my own Landy for the past 15 winters. This was my first … Continue reading December 2015 trip report

News from Debre Libanos

I stayed at the Ethio-German Lodge, Debre Libanos last weekend for a Yoga course (organised by Yoga teacher from Addis). I loved the place, the views over the valley are amazing, the staff were very friendly, but it was very very cold, so I would advise people to bring a sleeping bag (though my friend … Continue reading News from Debre Libanos

Addis Ababa & Historic Circuit updates

Hi Philip Returned yesterday from Ethiopia, with lots of comments on individual parts of your 5th edition. I am something of an Ethiopian aficionado, having done 2 years there as a UNA volunteer 40 years ago, and following it up with two "reminiscence "fortnights in 2009 and 2010. I bought your first edition some 15 … Continue reading Addis Ababa & Historic Circuit updates