September 2016 trip report

Georgie writes: Having just come back from a great trip to Ethiopia using the 7th Edition of your guide, we thought that we would let you know about some of the things that have changed there. I’ll use the page numbers of the 7th edition in my comments below:   Lalibela: Restaurants: Ben Abeba – absolutely stunning location, excellent … Continue reading September 2016 trip report


Trip report from a female traveller

Carrie writes: I just got back from three weeks in Ethiopia using the 7th edition of the Bradt guide. The guidebook was invaluable and I couldn't have done the trip (solo, without a guide) without it. There were just a couple of things I wanted to update you on: Women travellers: As a 27-year-old American woman … Continue reading Trip report from a female traveller

Arrival at Bole Terminal 2

AddisAdvisor writes: Because of recent events in Paris and elsewhere, Bole Airport is protected by more Federal Police than ever before. And meet-and-greeters are NOT allowed into Terminal 2 unless they have a special permit from the Ministry of Tourism, which they wear around their neck... So: a. If you are being met by personal friends, or … Continue reading Arrival at Bole Terminal 2

Hassle in Gondar and Debark

A female reader writes: At the risk of coming across quite harshly, in 10 years of travelling (except maybe in India), I have never experienced so much hassle as in Gondar and Debark (I am in Aksum now which seems quieter, hoping for the best). I am a single female, and guys in Gondar would constantly wave and shout … Continue reading Hassle in Gondar and Debark

How to deter yelling children… possibly!

John Grinling has sent the following advise about how to avoid the unwanted attention of yelling children. Personally I'm not convinced that the way you dress or behave will do much to encourage or deter this behaviour, but for what it's worth...   Yelling children is a sporadic but undeniable irritant to visitors to Ethiopia. But in order to minimise the hassle, I would stress the … Continue reading How to deter yelling children… possibly!