Suri Country with South Expedition Africa

Dietmar from Germany writes: In October 2012 I stayed 4 weeks in Surma area around Kibish and Tulgit. Surma is the official Ethiopian umbrella term for three ethnic groups in South Ethiopia: the Suri people, the Mursi people and the Mekan people. Very often the name 'Surma' is used for the Suri people as well, … Continue reading Suri Country with South Expedition Africa

Suri & Bume, Southwest Omo

I returned yesterday from my two week trip to the Suri and Bume in Southwest Omo, and send you here my travel report. This was largely the same trip that your correspondent Trevor Cole made in January 2009, and I endorse much of his report. I will try to complement what he wrote then. Firstly … Continue reading Suri & Bume, Southwest Omo