Phone registration at Bole & Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa

AddisAdvisor writes: Two things have changed since you did the research for the 8th edition: It is no longer necessary to register your phone at Bole Airport (p139) The Ethiopian Airlines booking office inside the Radisson Blue Hotel is closed (p140)

Phone & SIM card rental in Addis Ababa

Mr. Feleg Tsegaye, President of ArifMobile, writes: I run a travel startup based in Addis Ababa that works to connect travelers to local information in Ethiopia during their stay.   Right now we’re providing SIM card rentals to travelers as I work on establishing the hotline and train up the representatives and I’ve been working on raising … Continue reading Phone & SIM card rental in Addis Ababa

Lots of general travel tips

Guides Official guides – reasonably knowledgeable, but rarely needed Unofficial guides – relatively ignorant, but sometimes needed to get rid of other “guides”, kids etc Tour operators – they do a good job with providing transportation, food and accommodation, but don’t expect them to know everything about the places they’re taking you to – Bradt … Continue reading Lots of general travel tips