Feb 2017 trip report

Matt writes: I used your excellent Bradt Guide to Ethiopia during a recent trip to that country and thought I would send a couple of updates for you and to post on your forum. I spent 12 days travelling through the north of Ethiopia during February 2017, combining several different tours with a local agent. … Continue reading Feb 2017 trip report


Dec/Jan 2016/7 trip report

Jeanine writes: I traveled around ethiopia for 3 weeks with my sister over christmas/new year 2016/17. We used the guidebook edition 7 which was really helpful, but the following information may be useful:   HARAR thewodros hotel: pretty shabby nowadays, water didn't work one day, 250birr - wonderland hotel: really nice, wifi, free breakfast, hot shower, 500birr … Continue reading Dec/Jan 2016/7 trip report

Old Abyssinia Lodge, Lalibela

Amanda writes: Firstly can I say, your Ethiopia 7th edition, is completely amazing! It gave such a variety of information, and recommendations. Better than any internet research I could have ever done. We recently stayed in Old Abyssinia, which was a popular restaurant in Lalibela, and now the owner has erected three bungalows in the … Continue reading Old Abyssinia Lodge, Lalibela

Trip report from a female traveller

Carrie writes: I just got back from three weeks in Ethiopia using the 7th edition of the Bradt guide. The guidebook was invaluable and I couldn't have done the trip (solo, without a guide) without it. There were just a couple of things I wanted to update you on: Women travellers: As a 27-year-old American woman … Continue reading Trip report from a female traveller

Detailed July/August 2016 trip report

Greg writes: Chapter 3 - Practical Information In the section "red tape" I suggest specifying that Visas on Arrival are not issued at Dire Dawa airport, notwithstanding daily flights from Djibouti. Tourists arriving from Djibouti must either obtain their visa in advance from the Ethiopian embassy in Djibouti city or fly directly to Bole airport. … Continue reading Detailed July/August 2016 trip report

Panoramic View Hotel, Lalibela

Amdemariam Yalew, owner & sales/marketing manager of the Panoramic View Hotel, has forwarded me the following info about his hotel, which I evidently overlooked whilst researching the 7th edition of Bradt Ethiopia: Panoramic View Hotel stands high on a privileged hilltop commanding 360 degree views of the highlands around Lalibela, only 10 minutes’ walk from the famous rock-hewn churches. We … Continue reading Panoramic View Hotel, Lalibela

Highland Trekking, Lalibela

Daniel Melese of Highland Eco Trekking Tours writes: I operate a small trekking company in Lalibela. We offer homestay tours in the highland above Lalibela, where our customers get deep into the highlander community, see their way of life, even take part on their daily activity, like: farm on the field, cooking, baking Injera, preparing coffee ceremony, milking … Continue reading Highland Trekking, Lalibela