Omo & Chebera-Churchura, Dec 2016

Simon writes: Notes on recent trip to Ethiopia, with reference to 7th Edition. P92 Camping Gear The guide now refers to several parks with camping sites as the only suitable option and if travelling independently off the beaten track, a tent in a village compound may be a better option than a night in a … Continue reading Omo & Chebera-Churchura, Dec 2016

Chebera Churchura Feb 2016 trip report

Sam Cunningham writes: I agree with your book comments regarding this NP to be an underestimated gem. I aim to return with a more independent set up. This is because the main issue is accommodation. The nearly completed guest house referred to in the guide was photographed. I can supply a photo. The main building … Continue reading Chebera Churchura Feb 2016 trip report