Horse-riding in Ethiopia

Yves Marie Stranger of the defunct Equus Africa writes:
My site is no longer online. I have redirected it to where I have a bunch of information and links about horse riding in Ethiopia.
People who are interested can also contact me through, and I can put them in touch with my ex-employees, who are truly the best horsemen in Ethiopia.
As you well know the Ethiopian experience can be troublesome for travellers dealing with a plethora of would-be guides and confusing information – and bad saddle tack. If people want to hire one of these guys – who all speak English, and understand what foreign travelers expect from horse riders – it will make the experience a whole lot smoother. I also have access to good saddles.

Horseback tourism in Bale NP & Guassa Plateau

Yves Marie Stranger of Equus Ethiopia writes:
We have just finished training sessions with the horse providers in the Bale National Park, which covered the humane treatment of equines, improving tack and horse training. This took place three weeks ago and should be an ongoing process in the next couple of years.
Also, just last week, Equus finished a training session with the Guassa Community Conservation Area north of Debre Berhan, where there is a conservation effort which is spearheaded by the Frankfurt Zoological Society but firmly rooted in age long conservation practices of the local community. This is one of the best places in Ethiopia to see Ethiopian wolves, and being there was a pleasure for us. The mules are hardy beasts that are far superior in many ways to many horses in Ethiopia and we heartily recommend the experience. The fact that Menz is quite isolated – yet easy to reach from Addis – and the friendly welcome of the local people really make this an unique highland experience.
Your readers can see the post I wrote about this experience on and see the picture album on the Equus Ethiopia Facebook page.
Meanwhile, back on the ranch… Equus Ethiopia has new riding packages available for residents, is going to start its new Zara Yacob Trail venture with guests this year, and besides offering 2 and 4 day horse treks in combination with extensions offered by Tesfa, is also now offering camping on its beautiful grounds just 30 minutes from Addis Ababa.

Zara Yacob Horse-trekking Trail

Yves Stranger of Equus Ethiopia writes:

I wanted to introduce the first exploratory ride on the new Zara Yacob Trail, a horse trekking route that will link Ankobar and the forest of Wof Washa to the forest of Menagesha Suba, 40 km to the west of Addis Ababa.

The trail will highlight the historic Emperor Zara Yacob who first passed edicts protecting the forest of Menagesha Suba in the 15th century, bringing seedlings from the forest of Wof Washa some 250-300 km away.
It is hoped that the Zara Yacob Trail will:
* Develop eco tourism in Ethiopia
* Create employment opportunities
* Create an indigenous story of environmental protection
* Boost Ethiopia’s positive image
You can find some more information about the Zara Yacob Trail here:
and more information about who Emperor Zara Yacob was here:
For more information please contact Yves Stranger at or

Latest from Equus Ethiopia

Just redesigned the Equus Ethiopia website and I am starting to offer some more far flung rides (Gojjam, and perhaps Omo Park as well but still need to work on it a little).
One exciting development  has been Equus Ethiopia being hired to train a new community based horse trekking operation in Arsi, just above Arsi Negele.
Also just started a blog (a week ago! one post so far!) which will be about horses and some research I’m doing on that subject and also Ethiopia in general  –
Finally, your readers might be interested in this link about one of our trips
Yves Marie Stranger. Equus Ethiopia