Festival dates 2019/2020

With 2020 being a leap year, it is worth drawing readers' attention to how this affects dates for festivals for 2019 until the end of 2020. The Julian Calendar used in Ethiopia recognises leap years, but it deals with them very differently to the Gregorian Calendar used in Europe, North America and most other parts … Continue reading Festival dates 2019/2020


North Ethiopia Eco Tour

Nicole writes: In 2016 we did a 10-day trekking in the Simien Mountains , which was very well organized by Addis Yimer of Ethiopia Eco Tour and Trek (recommended by Bradt). In March 2019 we decided to travel in Ethiopia once more , but we could not find the website anymore. Luckily I still had … Continue reading North Ethiopia Eco Tour

News from Bale Mountains National Park

The excellent and very detailed website for Bale Mountain National Park wasn't working when we updated the 8th edition, and so we deleted it from the book, but I am pleased to report it is back online at https://balemountains.org and remans a must-visit resource for anybody planning to go there. Other news is that we … Continue reading News from Bale Mountains National Park

Denver Boutique Hotel, Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa

AddisAdvisor writes: New hotels open regularly in Addis, but the Denver Boutique Hotel is especially notable because it is at Arat Kilo, which lacks hotels but is a superb location for visitors wanting to be able to walk to Trinity/Selassie Cathedral (5 Minutes), National Museum (10 minutes) and even the Ethnographic Museum. (15/20 minute walk) … Continue reading Denver Boutique Hotel, Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa

Bahir Dar updates (and details of new daily bus to Lalibela)

AddisAdvisor writes: BAHIR DAR update. February/March 2019 A few notes from a recent personal visit PLUS information provided by Nati from Manuhie Backpackers Lodge. Accommodation UNISON HOTEL for those who like things big brash and modern this is a new hotel, almost opposite the old Ghion, with a nice restaurant and sensible room prices. We were told … Continue reading Bahir Dar updates (and details of new daily bus to Lalibela)

Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

AddisAdvisor writes: PRICES of ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES DOMESTIC TICKETS.  March 2019 Ethiopian gives substantial discount on domestic flight tickets to five groups of people  INCLUDING  citizens, registered foreign residents and TOURISTS who fly in (or out) on an Ethiopian Airlines International Ticket.  It USED TO BE cheaper to buy your tickets once inside the country, but … Continue reading Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

10,000 Flamingoes Lodge, Abijata-Shala NP

It has been drawn to our attention that the write-up for 10,000 Flamingoes Lodge in Abijata-Shala NP focusses almost entirely on the impressive location rather than the amenities on offer. So please note that rooms here are somewhat more basic than might be expected for somewhere in its price range, and while this is justified … Continue reading 10,000 Flamingoes Lodge, Abijata-Shala NP