Ethiopia & Somaliland updates

Hello Philip

Many thanks for your brilliant ‘Ethiopia’. I thought that I’d share some observations I made on a recent trip to Ethiopia (E) and Somaliland (S) with you.

Adigrat (E) – Hohoma Hotel was fantastic. We payed 100 birr for a double with great hot shower, comfortable beds with new linen and TV. The owner, a lady called Alganesh, is very warm and friendly, and cooks great food (try her shiro and thilo).

Gorgora (E) – We stayed in the villa at the Gorgora Hotel.The location was great, but there was no hot water (in fact, no water ran from the shower despite the best plumbing efforts of various cleaners and security guards). In Gorgora town, there is a very nice little bar on the main street, on the righthand side coming from the port. They serve icy-cold Dashen on tap, and are very friendly. They also have great, plain, fresh bread for breakfast.

Axum (E) – We ate a very disappointing meal at Remhai hotel. The recommended beef stroganoff was rubbish (and overpriced). -Four friends and I were overcharged on laundry services at Africa Hotel (for some 50%). Best to confirm price beforehand (and work it out for oneself).

Lalibela (E) – The service at the Blue Lal restaurant was poor and disinterested. -The ‘Unique Restaurant’, just opposite Asheten Hotel, is run by a friendly lady who serves generous, good meals (but don’t expect food to come quickly).

Gambella (E) – We stayed at Aberague Hotel, just next to bus station. The rooms were clean, but got hot at night (especially when there was no power). The manager, Fanta (or Fantom) is very friendly.

Itang, near Gambella (E) – We found the pople in theis town (50km east of Gambella) quite aggressive. Better to stay with the friendly people of Gambella town.

 Hargeisa (S) – We stayed at the Hawthanang Hotel (or something similar) just near the central bridge. Hassan, the manager, speaks brilliant english and was very helpful in organising transport and police permits. The rooms were clean and good value ($12 for a double). -The people at the recommended Oriental Hotel basically refused to help us at all unless we stayed there.

hope that this helps Kind regards Robert M (Australia)

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