Simien Mountains trip report

Sean writes: We recently hiked in the Simiens with Gismu Syum's Travel Agency. Gismu was very good with communication and I was very impressed with how well he organized my whole trip to the Simien Mountains. Without asking, he picked my partner and I up from the airport. We settled into the nice AG Gondar … Continue reading Simien Mountains trip report

Great hike in the Simien Mountains

Jolanda writes: I recently traveled through Ethiopia for 3 weeks. What an amazing journey! Part of my trip was a 3-day hiking tour in the beautiful Simien mountains. I traveled solo but I had a very good guide named Gismu Siyum ( He is very well trained in his profession, has an extensive knowledge of … Continue reading Great hike in the Simien Mountains

News from Bale Mountains National Park

The excellent and very detailed website for Bale Mountain National Park wasn't working when we updated the 8th edition, and so we deleted it from the book, but I am pleased to report it is back online at and remans a must-visit resource for anybody planning to go there. Other news is that we … Continue reading News from Bale Mountains National Park

Gunda Gundo trip report

Louis writes: I have extensively – I think – travelled, but the excursion to the monastery of Gunda Gundo will remain as one of my toughest and most rewarding experiences.   The starting town Idaga Hamus being standing at 2.700m, as is the village called Mikael Gebinen/Gebret (the real walking start), that implies a gruelling … Continue reading Gunda Gundo trip report

Organised treks to Gunda Gundo Monastery

Martina Kosmina and Roberto Lombardo were: We are respectively graduates in sustainable tourism and anthropology at Milano University and Bologna University. We just came back from Ethiopia, where we spent 5 months analysing the development of several sustainable tourism projects in the Tigray region. As a result, we would like to draw attention a new touristic initiative to promote a … Continue reading Organised treks to Gunda Gundo Monastery

Dodola trek & Dinsho (Bale NP) trip report (1-5 Dec 2017)

Louis G writes:     Dodola Community Trek feels far more intimate & secret than breathtaking views (go to Simiens) or animal spotting (go to Bale... further down).   As a group of 5 French, with 3 days (drive from/to Addis included), we had to hire an extra 'guide' (1 guide = 4 walkers = … Continue reading Dodola trek & Dinsho (Bale NP) trip report (1-5 Dec 2017)

Highland Trekking, Lalibela

Daniel Melese of Highland Eco Trekking Tours writes: I operate a small trekking company in Lalibela. We offer homestay tours in the highland above Lalibela, where our customers get deep into the highlander community, see their way of life, even take part on their daily activity, like: farm on the field, cooking, baking Injera, preparing coffee ceremony, milking … Continue reading Highland Trekking, Lalibela