Some public transport timings

Ulrike writes:
Time schedules for public transport were sometimes misleading. Possibly because of changed road conditions. I needed by far more time from Shashemene to Arba Minch then indicated (about 7 hours!) and the road from Gimbi to Nekemte is perfectly smooth and covered with asphalt, making less then 1,5 hours of connection possible (I’m sure from Dembidolo to Nekemte you wouldn’t need 10 hours, even though I didn’t do the trip directly – I stayed in Aira in between). On the other hand I can’t imagine you made Nekemte to Ambo or Addis Ababa in 5 or even 6 hours in any vehicle – it took me in public transport without breakdowns from 9 am to 7 pm to Ambo only! With one 1hour stay in Bako in between, but the road is horrible, very few parts covered with asphalt.

Didessa Lodge near Nekemte

The management of Didessa Lodge near Nekemte has written to let is know about their new lodge in the Didessa Valley – more details at – and also to recommend the following route through western Ethiopia:

Western Ethiopia Eco – Touristic Route – Via Didessa Green Valley Resort/Lodge :- One can enjoy the natural and ethnic diversity in Western Ethiopia.

1. This starts from Ambo, Wonchi crater lake, and Guder fall.
2. In Nekemte after 330km from Addis you can visit Kumusa Moroda 18th
century palace and Wollega Museum.
3. In Didessa Valley, Just only 50km from Nekemte, one can visit Didessa
River Fall, wildlife and birds watching, five tribes, and fishing,
trekking, and many other activities are available. Didessa Green Valley
Resort/lodge provides clean and best restaurant and accommodation
4. Further to Gimbi, there are organic coffee plantations, traditional
gold miners in Nejo and Assosa.
5. Dhati – Walal National Park is located in Kelem, near to Dembi Dolo
along this route.
6. Next, you can reach to Gambella where you can visit Gambella National
Park, Baro river, and diversity of ethnic groups.
7. The return route is through Gore- Mizan Teferi (Surma tribe )- Jimma
and then to Addis Ababa