Feb 2020 trip report

Slavko writes: Three weeks ago, I returned from a 21 day trip around northern Ethiopia. It was perfect, without any hassle and complication. There is no need to book anything from home, as everything can be arranged on site. Here are some prices (I am not saying they are the best, but they can be … Continue reading Feb 2020 trip report

Coffee Tours

Addis Advisor writes: Epic Ethiopia Travel & Tours is a new company specialised, among other things, in coffee-related trips to two of Ethiopia's three major coffee growing areas i.e Jimma/Bonga in Kaffa southwest of Addis Ababa, and Sidamo, south of Hawassa, where the world famous Yorgachaffe is grown..... both are about 350 km from Addis Ababa The owner, Ato Mesai Haileleul, is a … Continue reading Coffee Tours

Background to the coffee ceremony

John Grinling writes:   "The coffee ceremony (p 1o1) might be “really just a social thing” in somemodern contexts. But as understood and performed in the traditionalEthiopian culture, it is far more than that: the fundamental purposeof a coffee ceremony is to please and placate the “zar”, the spiritswho belong to our world and who … Continue reading Background to the coffee ceremony