December 2019 trip report

Maider writes: First of all, thanks for the quality of your web page.. I follow it regularly, and found much interesting information before scheduling our trip.. so now, to render thanks, I wanted to share our experience, with hope that it could help someone else. (And sorry if my English level is low). We are 2 … Continue reading December 2019 trip report

Blue Nile Camping

Rachel writes: I stayed at Blue Nile camping a couple of nights ago - rather a magical place. And one has the falls to oneself once all the day-trippers go home. Falls not in full spate but we really relaxed and enjoyed our time there. Stayed in one of the mud and straw huts, long-drop … Continue reading Blue Nile Camping

Omo & Chebera-Churchura, Dec 2016

Simon writes: Notes on recent trip to Ethiopia, with reference to 7th Edition. P92 Camping Gear The guide now refers to several parks with camping sites as the only suitable option and if travelling independently off the beaten track, a tent in a village compound may be a better option than a night in a … Continue reading Omo & Chebera-Churchura, Dec 2016