Trip report January 2020

Jason writes: I just got back from a 30 day trip and I want to thank you for your excellent guide book and it’s comprehensive information. I travelled slowly by bus etc, very little hassle. The only hassle I had was from persistent boatmen in Bahir Dar - these guys are annoying to say the … Continue reading Trip report January 2020

Gashena accommodation

Marjan writes: If you are looking for a basic and cheap accomodation where you experience Ethiopian life in Gashena, the junction town for Lalibela, please contact deacon Arega Abebaw (e-mail: + mobile: phone 0921525636). He offers simple rooms with private toilet and shower for 150-200 birr. He lives with his family close to the Emanuel Church … Continue reading Gashena accommodation

MIkael Imba (Tigrai), Gashena & Domestic flights

Sander writes: The 'Gashena ticket scam' (p. 313) is still very much alive. We encountered almost exactly the same thing (unfortunately, we only read about it afterwards). A guy ripped us off for 400 Birr. Also, we found it extremely difficult to find transport in and out of lalibela. We came from Dessie/Woldia and upon … Continue reading MIkael Imba (Tigrai), Gashena & Domestic flights

Independent travel in Ethiopia – the downsides

I found your book entertaining to read but It would seem that we visited a different country to the Ethiopia you write about. Have travelled a fair bit but Ethiopia is the one country I was happy to leave. We travelled independantly using public transport in both the South (more preferable) and the North. We … Continue reading Independent travel in Ethiopia – the downsides

Lalibela & buses there from Gonder

Lalibela The lack of aggressive touts or children made it very relaxing. Also the shoe guards have disappeared. I liked the place a lot, beautiful scenery, crazy churches, friendly people, def one of the highlights of my trip. Accommodation We stayed at 7 Olives. They have raised the prices again, but it’s hard to compete … Continue reading Lalibela & buses there from Gonder