Trip report from a female traveller

Carrie writes: I just got back from three weeks in Ethiopia using the 7th edition of the Bradt guide. The guidebook was invaluable and I couldn't have done the trip (solo, without a guide) without it. There were just a couple of things I wanted to update you on: Women travellers: As a 27-year-old American woman … Continue reading Trip report from a female traveller


Detailed July/August 2016 trip report

Greg writes: Chapter 3 - Practical Information In the section "red tape" I suggest specifying that Visas on Arrival are not issued at Dire Dawa airport, notwithstanding daily flights from Djibouti. Tourists arriving from Djibouti must either obtain their visa in advance from the Ethiopian embassy in Djibouti city or fly directly to Bole airport. … Continue reading Detailed July/August 2016 trip report

Northern circuit and Harar trip report

Bernd writes: I just came back from a 3-week-trip to Northern Ethiopia. Here are some short update: * From Addis to Bahir Dar: there are also minibuses leaving from a place close to Mercato during the morning. Think this is important as most people travel that direction. Couldn’t find that info in the guidebook. * … Continue reading Northern circuit and Harar trip report

Dire Dawa map (and other) updates

A reader has kindly sent us the following updates for Dire Dawa (with grid refs): -  Wegagen Bank is misspelled (A4) - There's a pretty good (ie fast) Internet place (Bethlehem Business Center) straight across the main north-south road from Samrat Hotel (A4) - On the sign out front, Abider Clinic (C4) is spelled Abadir … Continue reading Dire Dawa map (and other) updates