Makdala Hill to/from Dessie or Lalibela

Andreas writes: From Dessie the trip to Makdala via Tenta should take six hours altogether. To get to Tenta from Dessie, you must follow the road to Wegel Tena for about 70 km (not 95 km as indicated in the Bradt Guide). You pass the village of Kutaber (ca. 20 km northwest of Dessie) and … Continue reading Makdala Hill to/from Dessie or Lalibela

Makdala Hill & Tenta

MAKDALA HILL : It's not possible to obtain a letter of permission from the police station in Kombolcha. Nor at the Tourist Office in Dessie, which isn't easy to find with the renovation of the roads and buildings. The man in charge of the office told us to go to Ajibar without a letter, and we … Continue reading Makdala Hill & Tenta