Live Music in Addis – Sep 2017 update

Many thanks to John Grinling for this latest overview of the capital's music scene: Venues and performers might be changed with no warning. It can be useful to check the information available on Internet, especially on Facebook, beforehand Sunday Gebeta / 17h :                                                                            Hasset Acoustic band Mama’s Kitchen / 17h :                                     Qarya Grooves … Continue reading Live Music in Addis – Sep 2017 update

Live Music in Addis Ababa

Thanks to John Grinling for this latest updated overview of the music scene in Addis Ababa:     Sheraton Other locations Sunday   Gebeta 16h : Zagol Band – after Yod Abyssinia M.K. Restaurant 20 - 23h : Various groups Stockholm Elegance 22h : Michael Belayneh with Zemen Band Flirt 22h : Live music Monday   Baritone 22h  : … Continue reading Live Music in Addis Ababa

Food and music in Jimma (and other Ethiopian) restaurants: some quibbles

A rather disgruntled Giorgio Bulgarelli writes: I think you should clearly write that when you ask some of the Western dishes written in the menus of most Ethiopian restaurants, the usual answer is የለም (yäläm, or no). Not because they’ve finished the related ingredients, but because they never bought them. Usually, menus —also in some … Continue reading Food and music in Jimma (and other Ethiopian) restaurants: some quibbles

Benno’s updates

I spent a few months in Addis Ababa last year, and got introduced to Hailleab from Overland Ethiopia Hailleab organised travel for me to different destinations and for different purposes (work related and pleasure). He proved not only adept at fixing things so every thing went without hassles, but was a great travel companion … Continue reading Benno’s updates

Old Aster Aweke recordings

I just came across this amazing website Anybody with more than a passing interest in African music could explore it for days. But if you like Aster Aweke, download the old cassette posted in  October 2010. Sounds totally different & very much older and more traditional than other other CD or cassette I've ever heard … Continue reading Old Aster Aweke recordings