Sona Hotel, Debark

Pascale writes: First of all we want to thank you for the 7th edition of your Ethiopia travel guide. It has been very helpful for planning our trip and is even more useful now that we are in Ethiopia. We have enjoyed several places reviewed in your guide. Except our current experience at the Sona … Continue reading Sona Hotel, Debark


Axum to Gondar/Debark via Shire Inda Selassie

Roland writes: I am travelling through Ethiopia individually and am very happy with the Bradt guide. My trip would have been impossible without it. So, thank you and well done! There is a small update I would like to inform you about. I chose to go from Axum to Debark (or Gondar) via Shire (Inda … Continue reading Axum to Gondar/Debark via Shire Inda Selassie

Hassle in Gondar and Debark

A female reader writes: At the risk of coming across quite harshly, in 10 years of travelling (except maybe in India), I have never experienced so much hassle as in Gondar and Debark (I am in Aksum now which seems quieter, hoping for the best). I am a single female, and guys in Gondar would constantly wave and shout … Continue reading Hassle in Gondar and Debark

Detailed Gondar, Debark and Simien updates

Many thanks to Mulu Gelaye of Mulu Ethiopia Tours ( or for the following updates: Gondar Entrance fee for the castle is now 200 birr per person. Optional guide fee is 350 birr per day Some new recommended hotels: 1. Sona Hotel, open on October 2013 - Bedrooms SGL 9, DBL 2, Twin 5, TRP 1(total 17) And have wifi … Continue reading Detailed Gondar, Debark and Simien updates

More 6th edition errata & updates

Thanks to John Grinling for the following corrections & updates: P. 159, « The Churches of Kiddist Maryam etc. »  2nd para, first line :The church named Kiddist Maryam you are speaking about here is notlocated at C4 on the map p.162. As you mention, the Kiddist Maryamchurch you are speaking about is situated just beside … Continue reading More 6th edition errata & updates

Trip report Dec/Jan 2013/4

Matthew Birt writes: I enjoyed reading and made good use of everyone else’s information, so I thought I ought to contribute:   Dec/Jan 2014 Travelled solo, independently using local transport   Bradt Guidebook excellent   General   Generally felt very safe and welcome Quite a lot of hassle from kids, beggars, tourist touts, blokes in … Continue reading Trip report Dec/Jan 2013/4

Befikir Kossoye Ecology Lodge, near Gondar

Heike writes: We stayed for one night in Befikir Kossoye Ecology lodge in Queens Village. This lodge is very new and is at the road from Gondar to Debark, 30 km behind Gondar. This place is very special, because the Ethiopian emperors Yisak , Fasil, Teklegiorigis, Yohannes IV, Haile Selasie I und king Tekelhaimanot of … Continue reading Befikir Kossoye Ecology Lodge, near Gondar