Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) in Lalibela

Emily writes: I just spent (Ethiopian) Christmas in Lalibela and, given that we were the only ferengi that we saw the whole time who didn't have a guide with them, I thought it might be useful to share an update about what is happening when - I couldn't find much information online when I was … Continue reading Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) in Lalibela

Festival dates 2019/2020

With 2020 being a leap year, it is worth drawing readers' attention to how this affects dates for festivals for 2019 until the end of 2020. The Julian Calendar used in Ethiopia recognises leap years, but it deals with them very differently to the Gregorian Calendar used in Europe, North America and most other parts … Continue reading Festival dates 2019/2020

Comments on the northern historical circuit

We spent 3 weeks in Ethiopia, with a few days in Addis and 17 days travelling around the northern circuit in a 4 by 4 with local driver. We paid $135 per day (all inclusive) for a 12 year old, fairly hammered, but reliable vehicle, with a driver that spoke a little English. Badly fitting … Continue reading Comments on the northern historical circuit