Simien hike Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Anca writes: Thank you for the latest edition of the Ethiopia guidebook, it was immensely helpful during our trip in Dec-Jan. Ethiopia is overall amazing, but for my partner and I the absolute highlight was the Simien mountains tour and I would like to post a recommendation for the operator we went with. The organizer … Continue reading Simien hike Dec 2018/Jan 2019


Jan 2018 trip report

Anne Chappel writes: We (a group of 11 Australians) have just returned from a 26 day trip to Ethiopia. The focus was on the geology of the region but we are also keen birdwatchers. We travelled by mini-bus almost 3,000 kms - mostly a loop through the highlands - but we also visited the Awash … Continue reading Jan 2018 trip report

Trip report December/January 2014/15

Franka writes: I would like to share some advise and news from Ethiopia where I spent a couple of weeks between December and January 2015. Addis Ababa I would not recommend the Itegue Taitu hotel. The single room was quite dirty and with no hot water. Gondar I would recommend Michael Hotel. It is clean, … Continue reading Trip report December/January 2014/15