Addis Ababa to Mombasa (Kenya) trip report

Very useful trip December 2017 report for anybody heading from Ethiopia to Kenya overland using public transport:


Moyale border update

Stuart Dickson writes: All is back to normal at Moyale. Road open and traffic moving both ways. Good news - 60 km before Marsabit there is black top road. Still 140 km south of Marsabit before you hit black top though. Jey Jey Hotel in Marsabit now 1200 for single 1500 for double. Happy Travels!

Temporary road closure south of Moyale

Thanks to Stuart Dickson for this important news about the Moyale border (written 5 Dec 2013(: Due to serious and bloody fighting amongst local Kenyan tribes in the Moyale region there is zero transport (private or public) leaving Moyale heading south into Kenya and it seems no traffic coming up in the other direction. The reason for … Continue reading Temporary road closure south of Moyale