Bird watching near Addis Ababa

I love watching birds but am not a twitcher or interested in expensive birding tours with those obsessed with ticking lists. Whenever I travel I use the website birdingpal to make contact with local enthusiasts, some are amateurs and others may earn their living as a bird guide. In Addis I was fortunate to meet … Continue reading Bird watching near Addis Ababa

Another new birding book for Ethiopia

The recent flurry of new birding books to Ethiopia continues with the publication by Christopher Helm Publishers of Where to Watch Birds in Ethiopia by Claire Spottiswoode, Merid Gabremichael and Julian Francis. This book is intended as a complement to the same publisher's dedicated Field Guide to the Horn of Africa and Bird Atlas for Ethiopia and … Continue reading Another new birding book for Ethiopia

Another bird book for Ethiopia

Following on from last year's publication of a dedicated Field Guide to the Horn of Africa and Bird Atlas for Ethiopia and Eritrea, we have another great addition to Ethiopian birding literature in the form of Birding Ethiopia by Ken Behrens, Keith Barnes and Christian Boix. A perfect complement to the field guide or atlas, … Continue reading Another bird book for Ethiopia

Birding updates & corrections

Addenda to bird list on p 61-9 based on Nigel Redman, Terry Stevenson & John Fanshawe’s Birds of The Horn Of Africa (RS&F) and John Ash & John Atkins’s Birds of Ethiopia & Eritrea (A&A)  A&A gives the total number of bird species for Ethiopia as 837, including 188 migrants, 18 endemics, and 14 joint Ethiopian-Eritrean endemics. … Continue reading Birding updates & corrections

New Ethiopian Bird Field Guide & Atlas

The lack of a dedicated bird field guide has long been a frustrating limitation for birdwatchers visiting Ethiopia, which is otherwise one of Africa's most alluring ornithological destinations, with around 840 species recorded, including at least 15 national endemics. In addition, Ethiopia is the easiest place to seek out another 40-0dd species that are either … Continue reading New Ethiopian Bird Field Guide & Atlas