South Omo updates

Neil writes: Jinka (p582) It is a long time since the 2 storey block at the Orit Hotel was new. Perhaps 'newer' would be more accurate. They do not have TV and haven't for many years. I know this because I wanted to watch a particular football match, the place has no TVs. Only the … Continue reading South Omo updates

Arrival at Bole Airport

Addis Advisor writes: The update below is from three visits to Bole Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals area Oct/Nov 2018 1. IMMIGRATION/VISAS As you arrive in this area from the landing floor above, there may be staff asking to see your passport and directing you into the correct queue. As below… A. To the right, Q … Continue reading Arrival at Bole Airport

E-visas now available to all nationalities

As of 1 June 2018, E-visas are available to all nationalities through the official government website For further information see A regular visitor to Ethiopia, Addis Advisor also noted upon arriving back in Ethiopia in May 2018 that Terminal 2 customs now has red and green channels, just like elsewhere, and the e-visa procedure was … Continue reading E-visas now available to all nationalities

Detailed Feb 2018 trip report (north & southwest)

Simon writes: Addis Ababa:- With all the tensions in the country, avoid getting into a political conversation with anyone. E Visa:- Use only official website  However it does not seem to speed things up that much compared with 'Visa on Arrival'.  Don't rely on the ATM's to work, change some cash at the bank … Continue reading Detailed Feb 2018 trip report (north & southwest)

Dodgy e-visa websites

  Note that the official URL for Ethiopian e-visas is the government website It now carries a warning: "We have come to know that there are some fraud websites which have similar look and feel to our official visa website. Please note that the Ethiopian Government doesn't have any agreement with the owners of those … Continue reading Dodgy e-visa websites

Ethiopia launches e-visas

Thanks to AddisAdvisor for alerting me to the excellent news that as of 12 June 2017, Ethiopia has introduced an online application process for e-visas for visitors from several countries. The e-visas can be applied for online and paid for with a Visa, Master or American Express card at the website, which also has … Continue reading Ethiopia launches e-visas