Trip report (useful South Omo info) Jan-Mar 2016

Bryan & Judy Pready write First part (days 1 to 16, to Gonder) pre­booked through Tesfa Tours ; after that independent travel, mainly using local buses. A selection of our photos can be seen here:­ 12 17 Jan Axum Ye Yared Zema Hotel: Stellae 13 18 Jan Axum Ye Yared Zema Hotel. Stellae … Continue reading Trip report (useful South Omo info) Jan-Mar 2016

South Omo visit

Georgen Reeves writes: Here is my report about our great trip in South Ethiopia and just took a trip to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia to photograph the tribes in the Omo Valley. After arriving in Addis Ababa ,the first 3 days are driving days. You might think we went a long way since we … Continue reading South Omo visit

South Omo & Lalibela trip report

Eric R writes: I’m from Seattle, Washington and just came back from a 2 week trip to the Omo Valley and a 2 day side trip to Lalibela in the of Ethiopia. Here are my recommendations for South Omo: 1) In the Omo Valley, the roads are poor south of Arba Minch. Be prepared for … Continue reading South Omo & Lalibela trip report

Overland Ethiopia Tours

Alan Friedlob (Bellingham, Washington) & Mariann Kocsis (Baltimore, Maryland) write: This April, we were fortunate to have spent about three weeks traveling with Overland Ethiopia Tours ( ). (Haileab Seyoum Beyene and his support staff)-- in a private tour of the Northern Circuit, Rift Valley, South Omo, and the Bale Mountains. What impressed us is the social … Continue reading Overland Ethiopia Tours