Dilla stelae and South Omo markets

John Grinling writes: Dilla & surrounds The 84 km road between Awassa and Dilla is now in a terrible condition. Supposedly under repair since several years, this major thoroughfare to Moyale, Kenya and the sea port of Mombasa is in such a appalling state that it takes close to 3h and 30 minutes - each … Continue reading Dilla stelae and South Omo markets


Omo & Chebera-Churchura, Dec 2016

Simon writes: Notes on recent trip to Ethiopia, with reference to 7th Edition. P92 Camping Gear The guide now refers to several parks with camping sites as the only suitable option and if travelling independently off the beaten track, a tent in a village compound may be a better option than a night in a … Continue reading Omo & Chebera-Churchura, Dec 2016

Trip report (useful South Omo info) Jan-Mar 2016

Bryan & Judy Pready write First part (days 1 to 16, to Gonder) pre­booked through Tesfa Tours http://www.tesfatours.com/ ; after that independent travel, mainly using local buses. A selection of our photos can be seen here:­ https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1pd3zAKtirpZGJ6S2tTVjNrLVE&usp=sharing 12 17 Jan Axum Ye Yared Zema Hotel: Stellae 13 18 Jan Axum Ye Yared Zema Hotel. Stellae … Continue reading Trip report (useful South Omo info) Jan-Mar 2016

South Omo visit

Georgen Reeves writes: Here is my report about our great trip in South Ethiopia and just took a trip to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia to photograph the tribes in the Omo Valley. After arriving in Addis Ababa ,the first 3 days are driving days. You might think we went a long way since we … Continue reading South Omo visit

South Omo & Lalibela trip report

Eric R writes: I’m from Seattle, Washington and just came back from a 2 week trip to the Omo Valley and a 2 day side trip to Lalibela in the https://bradtethiopiaupdate.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#north of Ethiopia. Here are my recommendations for South Omo: 1) In the Omo Valley, the roads are poor south of Arba Minch. Be prepared for … Continue reading South Omo & Lalibela trip report