Simien hike recommendation

Joseph Caldwell writes: We had an amazing experience in the Simien Mountains booked through Gismu, who is based in Gondar. We did four days and everything was well catered for, our guide Alex was brilliant and incredibly friendly and genuine, while the chef made us delicious food with more fresh vegetables than we have had … Continue reading Simien hike recommendation

December 2019 trip report

Maider writes: First of all, thanks for the quality of your web page.. I follow it regularly, and found much interesting information before scheduling our trip.. so now, to render thanks, I wanted to share our experience, with hope that it could help someone else. (And sorry if my English level is low). We are 2 … Continue reading December 2019 trip report

Northern Ethiopia trip report

Alexandra writes: We are just returning from a 4-week-journey through the north of Ethiopia. We do have a few updates: Dawoud Suleyman,,, Tel +251(0)918046588 is an excellent guide for the Simien Mountains (and the rest of the country). He is a local man, born in Geech, now in Debark. He knows just about … Continue reading Northern Ethiopia trip report

Detailed northern Ethiopia trip report (Dec 2019-Jan 2020)

Victoria writes: My partner and I have just returned from an incredible three weeks in Ethiopia. Since Bradt was our Bible throughout the trip and I benefitted so much from this site in planning it, I thought I’d post on our experience in the hope that it will help others in turn. We arrived in … Continue reading Detailed northern Ethiopia trip report (Dec 2019-Jan 2020)

Trekking Tour of Simien Mountain

Gerhard writes: We have just come back from second wonderful visit to the Simiens Mountains, which is really our all time favorite. Some weeks before we contacted Gismu Syum`s Travel Agency via Whatsapp Phone and Chat and asked him to arrange a tour of the Simien mountains for 2 days and 1 nights. He has great … Continue reading Trekking Tour of Simien Mountain