News from Bale Mountains National Park

The excellent and very detailed website for Bale Mountain National Park wasn't working when we updated the 8th edition, and so we deleted it from the book, but I am pleased to report it is back online at and remans a must-visit resource for anybody planning to go there. Other news is that we … Continue reading News from Bale Mountains National Park

Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

AddisAdvisor writes: PRICES of ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES DOMESTIC TICKETS.  March 2019 Ethiopian gives substantial discount on domestic flight tickets to five groups of people  INCLUDING  citizens, registered foreign residents and TOURISTS who fly in (or out) on an Ethiopian Airlines International Ticket.  It USED TO BE cheaper to buy your tickets once inside the country, but … Continue reading Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

Excellent Ethiopia travel blog is a great new blog with detailed stories and pictures based on the author Zac's trip to Ethiopia from December 2015 to February 2016. It includes posts on Addis Ababa and Harar, and Zac hopes to add to add Lalibela, Awra Amba, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Simien Mountains, Axum, the Tigray Churches/Hawzien, Mekele and the Danakil Depression in … Continue reading Excellent Ethiopia travel blog

Old Aster Aweke recordings

I just came across this amazing website Anybody with more than a passing interest in African music could explore it for days. But if you like Aster Aweke, download the old cassette posted in  October 2010. Sounds totally different & very much older and more traditional than other other CD or cassette I've ever heard … Continue reading Old Aster Aweke recordings

Visas on arrival

A regular query on websites is which nationalities can get a tourist visa on arrival at Bole Airport (see page 80). Thanks to Frank Rispin for pointing out that this information is posted and kept up to date on the Ethiopian Embassy in London's excellent website. At present, tourist visas can only be issued on arrival to: foreign … Continue reading Visas on arrival