Understanding Ethiopia: Geology and Scenery by Frances Williams

Understanding Ethiopia: Geology and Scenery (Springer, 2016) is a new book written by Frances Williams, a former lecturer at Addis Ababa University, about the geology and landscapes of Ethiopia.

Aimed primarily at the casual reader (but also with much to engage the specialist), the book provides an easy-to-read overview of Ethiopia’s unique and amazing geology, which is dominated by ancient highlands incised by deep river gorges and the spectacular Rift Valley. The book is broken up into well-structured chapters that cover the country region-by-region, providing a geological background to the majestic scenery associated with the likes of the Simien and Bale Mountains, as well as to rock-hewn churches and other stone artefacts at cultural sites such as Axum, Tigray and Lalibela. Other chapters cover the geology of Northern Afar and its spectacular volcanoes, of Southern Afar and its role as the probable birthplace of mankind, of the southern Rift Valley and its lakes, of the little visited Western Highlands, of the crater lakes around Bishoftu etc etc. The writing throughout is clear and precise without being off-putting academic or jargon-ridden, and the text is well illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs. Overall, it’s a highly engaging and accessible read, and unreservedly recommended to anyone with an interest in the subject matter.

Understanding Ethiopia: Geology and Scenery is available as a softcover or downloadable ebook from the publisher, Springer International Publishing, at http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-02180-5. It can also be bought through other sites such as amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

Ethiopia book cover

New book about Ethiopia’s geology

Frances Williams writes:

I wanted to bring to your readers’ attention a book which I have recently had published:”Understanding Ethiopia: Geology and Scenery”. It is intended as an introduction to the geology of Ethiopia, written in particular for the non-specialist, well illustrated with maps and photographs and with chapters describing in readable terms the geology (and its relation to scenery and cultural sites such as Axum and the rock churches of Tigray and Lalibela) of key parts of the country. The geology of Ethiopia is unique and amazing, and I have long felt the need for a simple description of it for tourists, tour guides, the people of Ethiopia, and anyone else who has an interest in the country. Hence the book.

It is available from the publisher, Springer International Publishing AG, and through other sites such as “Book Depository”, “Amazon” etc in soft cover or as an ebook. More detailed information is available on the publisher’s website:  http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-02180-5.

Ethiopia book cover


New Ethiopia ebook

Frank writes:

I met an amazing British couple the Disleys in Bahir Dar yesterday. Since 2003 they have taken a holiday each year in Ethiopia. They travel the country on ordinary buses and are far more expert than I on way out places and budget travel. Their pension at BD was costing them 190 birr. Last years holiday cost them 23 pounds a day as a couple, i.e. less than 400 birr a day each,.

Ann Disley has just published an ebook about her travels. It is available from Amazon as an e book for Kindle etc. Title…… Ethiopia; not just war and famine. – see http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ethiopia-not-just-war-famine-ebook/dp/B00NQJ5M96

New ebook about Ethiopia’s historical sites

Jan Tromp has just sent me a copy of his new ebook entitled “Ethiopia, The Northern Circuit: Architecture and Iconography of Churches”

It looks like a very useful resource, complimentary to the Bradt Guide, for those with a deeper interest in the history of the region. It is 536 pages in length, with 72,500 words and 420 coloured photographs on a black background to make them stand out on tablet readers.

The profits will go to Yenege Tesfa, an NGO in Gonder for aids-orphans.

It can be bought online at http://www.pumbo.nl/boek/ethiopia-the-northern-circuit

Another new birding book for Ethiopia

The recent flurry of new birding books to Ethiopia continues with the publication by Christopher Helm Publishers of Where to Watch Birds in Ethiopia by Claire Spottiswoode, Merid Gabremichael and Julian Francis. This book is intended as a complement to the same publisher’s dedicated Field Guide to the Horn of Africa and Bird Atlas for Ethiopia and Eritrea and it provides detailed coverage and GPS readings for 50 key birding sites, mostly in southern Ethiopia, along with photos and descriptions of the country’s ‘top 50 species’. At 180-odd pages, it is very portable and would make an excellent near-essential companion to the Field Guide to the Horn of Africa for dedicated birders, especially those travelling without a local guide specialised in ornithology. It can be ordered directly through the publisher’s website by clicking this link or the cover below: