Harar to Somaliland and back, May 2016

Bob Francescone writes: We did this trip overland in May, 2016. It’s an easy trip to Somaliland, a time-consuming one back. Buses leave from Harar for Jijiga very frequently, but not until they are filled, double-filled, and triple-filled. Our bus had 25 seats and 45 people. Ditto for the bus from Jijiga to the border. … Continue reading Harar to Somaliland and back, May 2016

Jijiga & Tog Wajaale

Phil King writes: We stayed in Jijiga for a night on the way to Hargeisa and again on the way back. We stayed at the Bade (sometimes spelled Bada) on the way there. We found it to be unfriendly, gloomy, badly maintained, and very poor value at 250 birr. On the way back we stayed … Continue reading Jijiga & Tog Wajaale