New Hotel in Butajira

Rediet Hotel is a new hotel, which opened just a week ago in Butajira.
It has a nice terrace in the front of the hotel and also one in the back garden. Very nice breakfast and good service. The rooms are pricey for Westerners at 50 US a night, but for those with resident permit at about 200 birr it seems acceptable for the quality.


Ancient tree near Butajira

I have enjoyed perusing my now dog eared copy of ETHIOPIA, 4th edition.
In Yetebon Village near Butajira is a massive tree that I can’t adequately describe. It is inside the gate at Project Mercy, a mission, and must be hundreds of years old. The “health” of the tree is declining.
It shades the guard shack and students rest on a bench beneath it.
Project Mercy is near the new, (under construction) road that will cross Mt Gurage.

Charlie Brown