A message from Bradt Guides – and 50% discount on all Bradt titles

You don’t need reminding what an awful time we’re all facing. Life is on lock-down and each day brings more bad news. For the moment, as we’re stuck at home trying to get to grips with ‘social distancing’, the world feels a smaller place. But the world is still out there, as big as it’s … Continue reading A message from Bradt Guides – and 50% discount on all Bradt titles

Gondar official guide fees

Thanks to Andargachew Girma for forwarding me the new official guide rate sheet for city tours of Gondar (p274 in the 8th edition). These are posted in full below but stand at Birr 850 (around US$27) for 1-3 people, Birr 100 (US$31) for 4-6 and Birr 1250 (US$40) for 7-10, Larger groups needing multiple guides attract … Continue reading Gondar official guide fees

February 2020 trip report

Steve writes: We have just returned from travelling in Ethiopia.  We found your guidebook invaluable, and have the following updates which I hope you and other travellers find useful. Phones  You are no longer required to register your phone on arrival at the airport. If you buy a SIM at an Ethio Telecom office, they may … Continue reading February 2020 trip report

New upmarket Atranos Fantasy Hotel in Axum

Thanks to Dawit Tesfay for alerting me to the opening of the new Atranos Fantasy Hotel in Axum. Dawit reckons it is now the best hotel anywhere in Tigray and with 93 guest rooms it is almost certainly the largest. See http://www.atranoshotel.com for more details - though be warned that some photos shown on the website … Continue reading New upmarket Atranos Fantasy Hotel in Axum

Simien hike recommendation

Joseph Caldwell writes: We had an amazing experience in the Simien Mountains booked through Gismu, who is based in Gondar. We did four days and everything was well catered for, our guide Alex was brilliant and incredibly friendly and genuine, while the chef made us delicious food with more fresh vegetables than we have had … Continue reading Simien hike recommendation