Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

AddisAdvisor writes: PRICES of ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES DOMESTIC TICKETS.  March 2019 Ethiopian gives substantial discount on domestic flight tickets to five groups of people  INCLUDING  citizens, registered foreign residents and TOURISTS who fly in (or out) on an Ethiopian Airlines International Ticket.  It USED TO BE cheaper to buy your tickets once inside the country, but … Continue reading Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

Phone registration at Bole & Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa

AddisAdvisor writes: Two things have changed since you did the research for the 8th edition: It is no longer necessary to register your phone at Bole Airport (p139) The Ethiopian Airlines booking office inside the Radisson Blue Hotel is closed (p140)

Bole International, Terminal 2

  Thanks to AddisAdvisor for the following report on developments at Terminal 2 based on his latest visit there (June 2018): ATMs and BANK COUNTERS. It is usually better to use the ATMs and Forex counters in the baggage collection hall, rather than those next to the Immigration queues. Once you are through Immigration/Visa on … Continue reading Bole International, Terminal 2

E-visas now available to all nationalities

As of 1 June 2018, E-visas are available to all nationalities through the official government website For further information see A regular visitor to Ethiopia, Addis Advisor also noted upon arriving back in Ethiopia in May 2018 that Terminal 2 customs now has red and green channels, just like elsewhere, and the e-visa procedure was … Continue reading E-visas now available to all nationalities