Laga Oda rock art near Dire Dawa

The reason I am writing is to tell you that I went to the Laga Oda
rock art near Dire Dawa. Your dire warnings of men with spears and
the subsequent reply from another traveller slightly miss the mark!
A ticket costs 50 Birr from the main Ministry Office on the left hand
side of the road going to the airport. The office opens at 8am and
closes at 5pm. We drove south for 2kms then turned off to the right
towards a cement works onto a dirt track. It was a very good surface
as dirt tracks go and all the people we saw along the road were
smiley, waving and friendly not a spear in sight. We arrived at the
village where there is a big sign and a “guide” got in the car with
us and took us down to the site. They are in the process of taking
the road to the entrance and building a house for the official Guide.
He wanted more than a small tip but we resisted as he was not very
helpful or friendly.
I have visited the rock art in the Acacus Mountains in south west
Libya. This overhang does not compare with that but nevertheless it
is well worth going to have a look. There are clear paintings
supposedly 5,000 years old and some not so clear but interesting. I
would love to hear what someone who really studies ancient art thinks
about these.
The whole trip took 3 hours from collecting the ticket in Dire Dawa
to getting back to the main road to Harar. It was 35kms to the
village from Dire Dawa.