Turkish Airlines & craft shopping in Addis Ababa

Liza writes: The office of Turkish airlines has moved to the Snap Plaza building on Bole road (next to Millennium hall, the angle of Bole road and a road with no name (I think ) that links to Tele bole road). It is on 5th floor of the building, the email address is add@thy.com and … Continue reading Turkish Airlines & craft shopping in Addis Ababa


By train to Dire Dawa

Useful blog by my friend Sofanit Mulugeta (@deldeyoch) about the new train service from Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa, as well as Harar and Dire Dawa itself: https://deldeyoch.blogspot.com/2017/03/empires-spirituality-and-cultural-mecca.html

Overview of tourist visa options

Many thanks to AddisAdvisor for a bang up-to-date overview of the options for visitors requiring a tourist visa for Ethiopia: Citizens of Kenya and Djibouti do not need visas, all others do need a visa. There are three ways in which you can get a tourist visa to enter Ethiopia.. 1. VISA on arrival. (referred … Continue reading Overview of tourist visa options

Bole International, Terminal 2

  Thanks to AddisAdvisor for the following report on developments at Terminal 2 based on his latest visit there (June 2018): ATMs and BANK COUNTERS. It is usually better to use the ATMs and Forex counters in the baggage collection hall, rather than those next to the Immigration queues. Once you are through Immigration/Visa on … Continue reading Bole International, Terminal 2

E-visas now available to all nationalities

As of 1 June 2018, E-visas are available to all nationalities through the official government website http://www.evisa.gov.et. For further information see  https://newbusinessethiopia.com/ethiopia-opens-door-to-all-nationalities/ A regular visitor to Ethiopia, Addis Advisor also noted upon arriving back in Ethiopia in May 2018 that Terminal 2 customs now has red and green channels, just like elsewhere, and the e-visa procedure was … Continue reading E-visas now available to all nationalities

Berkutta Art Services

Samuel Gebredingil Gebreegzi writes: I the founder and CEO of BERKUTTA Ethiopian contemporary Art services, and represent more 20 well stablished and upcoming fine artists from Ethiopia. I can offer a diverse selection of artworks - different medias, size and subjects in graphic & canvas form from my private gallery in Addis Ababa, which is located … Continue reading Berkutta Art Services