Travel between Sudan & Ethiopia

Travel Sudan – Ethiopia:  Since the 2005 edition the transport between Sudan and Ethiopia has improved drastically. The road between Khartoum all the way to Gonder is completely tarmaced. With some luck/good planning it is even possible to travel in 1 day from Khartoum to Gonder. From 7 AM there are direct busses going from Khartoum to Qallabat/Metema. The border crossing is a bit time consuming as you have to visit 5 offices (National Security Sudan, Customs Sudan, Immigration Sudan, Immigration Ethiopia, Customs Ethiopia) but not too complicated. We were told that after 6 PM there were no busses or mini vans going to Gonder anymore so we had to stay in Metema for the night. If you are willing to pay for a private minivan though it is possible to continue your trip to Gonder the same day. On the way back we managed to travel from Gonder to Khartoum in 1 long day: leaving Gonder at 6 AM with a regular minivan, from the border to Gedaref another minivan and then a bus from Gedaref to Khartoum where we arrived at 9 PM.