New Book on Church Art in Ethiopia

Dawit Teferi, who contributed some useful background info to the latest edition of Bradt Ethiopia, has let me know that new book “Visiting Ethiopian Churches: Understanding the Paintings of Eight Frequently Visited Churches of Ethiopia” is now available on amazon on kindle. It focuses mainly on painting relating to the Virgin Mary in eight popular churches: Yemrehanna Kristos and Lalibela Bet Maryam in Lasta; Abraha we Atsbeha and Aksum Maryam Tsion in Tigrai; Debre Sina Maryam on the northern shore of Lake Tana; Narga Selassie and Ura Kidane Mihret in Lake Tana; and Debre Berhan Selassie in Gondar. For more details see

Update in November 2019:

Dawit notes that the Amazon requirement for high resolution photos proved hard to meet, given the difficulty of taking good photos in Ethiopian churches, but he now also has a print version of the book published in Addis Ababa. This includes more than 220 coloured illustrations of church paintings. It is available in the Universal Book Shop at Arat Kilo and at the branch of Book World on Meskel Square, and should cost around Birr 300.

If you cant find a copy contact Dawit via

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