Domestic flights – all you need to know about discounted prices

AddisAdvisor writes:


Ethiopian gives substantial discount on domestic flight tickets to five groups of people  INCLUDING  citizens, registered foreign residents and TOURISTS who fly in (or out) on an Ethiopian Airlines International Ticket.  It USED TO BE cheaper to buy your tickets once inside the country, but that ceased to be true about 5 years ago.

The prices of non discounted tickets vary between double the discounted rate and over three times it, as you will see in the examples below.

Examples at March 2019. All fares quoted here are single, in DOLLARS, with discounted fare first.

Addis to Mekelle           $61       v       167

Addis to Dire Dawa        50       v       135     

Addis to Bahir Dar          49       v       174

Addis to Lalibela             50       v       101

Gondar to Lalibela           39       v        74

These prices are taken from random dates fed into the Ethiopian Airlines Phone App.


Tickets can be booked / bought in the following ways.

Buying on line will be a little cheaper  than on the phone or in person.

The following notes ASSUME you are entitled to the discount but apply in principle  also to non discounted prices.  Tourists who are entitled to the discount have to prove their  entitlement as described below.

BUYING ONLINE. Use either the Ethiopian Airlines website OR their excellent Phone App.

After buying your International Ticket on Ethiopian…feed in a domestic flight (s). ( Users report that both systems do not like you to use the multi city option for domestic flights, so feed in one single domestic flight at a time.)  The website or App will then react by asking you if you hold one of the 5 documents giving you the price discount. Answer honestly !!

If you have an Ethiopian International ticket the website will trust you and allow you to book at the discounted prices. HOWEVER at your first domestic flight check in you will be asked for proof of this .  eg a boarding pass from your flight into Ethiopia OR  a print out of the booking OR your 6 capital letter booking locator.  If you CANNOT PROVE that you are entitled to the discount,  you will have to pay the extra for the non discount price there and then,   before you are allowed to fly.

Note.     At times you may find the website or the App refuses to take your credit card. There are other payment options it will show you.

BOOKING by phone or in person. 

You can book in person, or by phone,  at any EA office worldwide, but if claiming the discount you need to quote your EA International ticket number or locator.


You can book with the main EA telephone line in Addis.   00251   (0) 116 65 6666

Dont be put off it says there are 20 in the queue, you will reach a human being quite quickly but the process can then be very slow especially if paying by card.

You can also book in person at an EA office in Addis after you arrive, but obviously this risks not getting the flights you want.  Also the main offices at the Hilton and opposite the National Theatre are VERY busy and it might take you two hours. Both these Addis offices do take credit cards, whilst if you book in a provincial city eg Bahir Dar you will probably have to pay cash.

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