Denver Boutique Hotel, Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa

AddisAdvisor writes:

New hotels open regularly in Addis, but the Denver Boutique Hotel is especially notable because it is at Arat Kilo, which lacks hotels but is a superb location for visitors wanting to be able to walk to Trinity/Selassie Cathedral (5 Minutes), National Museum (10 minutes) and even the Ethnographic Museum. (15/20 minute walk)

See Denver Boutique Hotel at or on most hotel booking sites.

But note, as with virtually all location descriptions on booking sites, it is exaggerated. eg It is NOT 600m from UNECA..more like 1500m.

Note also….this hotel is in fact the upper floors of a medium sized Addis vertical Mall.

First 3 floors are shops banks etc….so Hotel Reception/Restaurant is on the 4th floor but there are 2 lifts.

It does have an airport shuttle..I forgot to ask if it was free.

It is already popular, the day I visited 32 of 35 rooms were occupied. For those who know Addis or can use google maps it is about 250 metres from Arat Kilo roundabout on the road towards Piazza. ie Adwa Street.

Walk in room prices are $45 to 85 but on booking sites a bit less.

Other contacts are:

Reception: + 251 111 263 483
+ 251 111 263 484
+ 251 111 263 485

Managing Director: +251 911 214 008
Mobile: + 251 953 452 692
+ 251 953 452 693
+ 251 953 452 694

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