Bahir Dar updates (and details of new daily bus to Lalibela)

AddisAdvisor writes:

BAHIR DAR update. February/March 2019

A few notes from a recent personal visit PLUS information provided

by Nati from Manuhie Backpackers Lodge.


UNISON HOTEL for those who like things big brash and modern this is a new hotel, almost opposite the old Ghion, with a nice restaurant and sensible room prices. We were told it will eventually have a pool on the site of the old fuel station at that junction.

I also visited for the first time two of the most popular guest houses in the city:

MANUHIE BACKPACKERS LODGE. Please note it no longer has the 6 bed dormitory mentioned in the new Bradt Guide 8th edition page 247, but it now instead has 11 single or double rooms and excellent advice on trips. Contact Nati on 0918 253484

THE ANNEXE…. strictly not a budget choice, but with beautifully decorated, unmistakably Ethiopian bedrooms.

Both establishments have a very pleasant outdoor area and extremely helpful staff. To reach them on arrival either get a tuk tuk..should be 20/30 birr OR walk out of town centre westward along the lakeside road past Kuriftu(on rhs) and take the left turn road just after Wude Coffee/Restaurant. Both are marked on google maps and in the Bradt Guide 8th edition.


Both bus station in BD are operating.

OLD Bus station just off the Main street. For Gondar minibuses and new early morning (05.00) daily bus direct to LALIBELA (with lunch at Gashena) – this costs 140 birr. Buy ticket day before.

NEW Bus Station about 1200 metres south of the old one…ask for “addis autobus terra.” Long distance buses and buses for Tis Abay (Blue Nile Falls) Buy your ticket outside it. Tis Abaiy 15 birr. (about 75 minute trip)

TRANSPORT to the airport. Note that tuk tuks are now not allowed to go to/into the airport. Many hotels have shuttle buses.. Yellow taxis for airport and elsewhere..line up on the lakeside road just west of Giorgis Roundabout in city centre..airport should be 200 birr.

FERRY to Zige Peninsula. Buy your ticket the day before.

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