Western Ethiopia updates

Auke Boere writes:

1. A very good place to stay in Mizan Teferi nowadays is the Kashinin Hotel (09 1755 1910) close to the university campus of Mizan – Tepi University. This means the hotel is about 2 – 3 km outside town. Rooms for 600 ETB per night.

2. In Gambella, the best hotel to stay still seems to be Baro Gambella Hotel (500 ETB per night).

3. Between Tepi and Gore (the junction town where the rough road from Tepi, the paved road from Metu and the paved road to Gambella meet), the largest town in the middle is Masha. After a 3,5 hour rough bus ride from Tepi, my friend and I had to stay in Masha for the night as we arrived there at 4 PM and there was likely no further transport that day. In Masha, there is a fine hotel with hot shower for 200 Ethiopian Birr per night. Unfortunately the hotel does not have a name, though it has a sign with Amharic letters (see picture attached with this mail) and a manager / guard called Awol. His number is 09 4625 7487 (same number as on the sign).

hotel sign

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