Bole International, Terminal 2


Thanks to AddisAdvisor for the following report on developments at Terminal 2 based on his latest visit there (June 2018):

It is usually better to use the ATMs and Forex counters in the baggage collection hall, rather than those next to the Immigration queues.

Once you are through Immigration/Visa on Arrival procedures and into the Baggage Carousel area, you will now find 3 ATMs, all to the left of the carousels but before the Customs area.

There is also now an ATM immediately you enter the large arrivals hall area, it sits between the red and green channel exits.

In the Baggage collection hall there are still two CBE forex counters for changing currency into Eth Birr.



Terminal 2 now has Red and Green channels like most major world airports.

They are clearly and colourfully labelled as you leave the baggage hall and a second door into the public arrivals hall has been created for those using the Green channel.

Putting all bags through x ray machines no longer happens.

You MAY still be asked to show your baggage tags, so have them in a handy place.

The division between Red and Green channels is somewhat informal and if you need to register a phone that has not been used in Ethiopia before Sept 2017, I suggest entering the Green channel with your bags/trolley but then turn left cutting across the Red channel to the area where the phone registrations windows are.



a. Almost impossible to change Ethiopian birr back into another currency on departure.

b. Anyone meeting you on arrival is likely to be outside in the car park as meeters and greeters are NOT normally allowed into the terminal building.

(This Update is June 2018….everything may change again when the massive multi floor terminal extension opens… ?? later in 2018?)

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