Jan/Feb 2018 trip report

Inken Schuett writes:

Timkat in Gondar made the start of our two weeks trip to Ethiopia. The joy of the celebrating crowd is infecting. People are dancing and singing while processing down the main road to Fasil’s bath. Peace enters the mind during overnight chanting at bath compound. But the time, the priest gives the sign to jump into the water drives the masses towards the basin. Ethiopians love to rock the crowd. For those not used to it, it’s best to get a place at the tribune shortly after midnight. Anyhow, thanks to our guide, we survived in the middle of the crowd.
Hiked the beaten trek of Simien Mountain National Park (Sankabir to Bwuahit via Gheech and Chenek) before and were stunned by its beauty. The decision was made to come back and walk through the magnificent rock formations we had look down at. Starting from Chenek (3.600m) climbing up to Bwuahit pass (around 4.000m) and than going down to Sona, Mekarebya, Mulit and Adi Arkay (1.600m) in 4 days. Although the second day with a decent of 2000m in altitude challenged balance, joints, muscles and endurance, we count this trekk one of the best in the world.
2 nigths in Bahir Dar to recover from the mountain’s dust helped to regain our strength and prepared us for the second part of the trip Konso. Coming down via Arba Minch and Dorze villages we went on a village hike in Konso. Those picturesque 700 years old village still remain in their old structure of round houses sourounded by stone walls. People invited us for coffee made of coffee leaves, local beer, which is more or less a health drink with ginger and garlic and a freshly cooked moringa dish. A traditional healer showed us some of the herbs she is using for curing certain diseases in man and cattle. She applied some dried tobacco on my infected moscito bite and reduced the swelling in one go.
The whole trip was pefectly designed for our needs by Melaku Berihun from https://ethiopianangeltours.com

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