Axum hotels

Axum remains problematic when it comes to finding a good moderate/upmarket hotel. Whilst researching the 8th edition, I found that Yeha (already listed) still has the best location and ambience but it is quite costly (US$60/81/106 sgl/dbl/suite) for what it is and things like hot water are patchy. Of the pricier places in town, the Sabean (already listed) and new Yared Zema ( seem moderately better than their competitors but it’s more a ‘least bad’ than a ‘best’ scenario. In the sub-$25 level, the new Delana (m 0911 575042/0914 744183) and Ethiopis (m 0910 097644) are both okay & Atse Kaleb (already listed) remains good value.

2 thoughts on “Axum hotels

  1. Anders And says:

    Yeha is absolutely terrible. We visited during rainy season. Rooms are damp. No generator backup (without power for more than 8 hrs, inlcuding when it was dark). Restaurant is a joke. And now I have not even mentioned the signpost for a swimming pool that can’t have been in use for decades. Yeha should not in any way be recommended, until mangement completes a complete make-over- However, since this hotel is owned by the Ethiopian State, chances of that happening anytime soon is slim to none. So great with the updates on the “least bad” alterntives in Axum. This town is still worth a visit!

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Yeha has actually been privatised and we were told a huge makeover is planned, though whether these plans will come to fruition is another matter. If I were to choose a hotel to stay in in Axum, ignoring cost, it would definitely be Yeha, which really says a lot about how bad the alternatives are. And in a way, I’d rather stay in a simple but unpretentious but well-run (as these things go) lodgings like the three budget places listed above than these ostentatious but basically quite badly run tourist hotels in the $50-60 range!!!

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