South Omo recommendations

Roland writes:

Right now, I am in Arba Minch after having spent four days in Omo valley. I was very sceptical and really not sure if I wanted to go there to visit the tribes. I read about people saying it was like a human zoo, which really doesn’t appeal to me. Since I was in the area and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I decided to do it and booked a four day tour with “South Ethiopia Tour Organiser” for 200 $/day. South Ethiopia Tour Organiser is run by Debebe Siwoum. He grew up in the Dasintsh tribe in Omorate and has been doing tours for 7 years. Debebe did all he could to make me enjoy the trip. I was not looking for a fancy tour but rather for a trip with honest human interaction. And I had some truly special moments. For instance, I had a traditional BBQ with people from a Hamer village and slept the night with them, sharing a cow skin with the kids and an old lady. I noticed that Debebe has a lot of friends across several tribal villages and in the towns near by.

Here are his contacts:
South Ethiopia Tour Organiser
Debebe Siwoum
FB: South Ethiopia Tour Organiser
Cell: +251913281441

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