Guassa news

Pauline writes:

Re Guassa Community Lodge, Abebe Sintayehu no longer works there but he gave me details of the new caretaker Chitata (mobile number: +251 914 462 616). I did not get to meet him, we’d agreed I would call when on the local bus. I got bus from Debre Berhan approx 5:30 am, 75 Birr. Sign by road has telephone numbers as per their website, I’d sent email via that site prior to journey but no reply (still).

Met by the guard, very limited English but our sense of humour and mime adequate to agree a walk to Yegura next day. Room 400 Birr a night, firewood 100 Birr was enough for 2 nights. Room and facilities clean, easily enough blankets. I had food that didn’t require cooking, no gas left in cylinder when couple came next day, cooked on the fire. 2 “bungalows” have own bathroom and fireplaces. Water for toilet/shower was limited, electricity did not work / happen. I had my head torch (and spare batteries), they had solar lights. I did not try my mobile, other couple did, his worked.

My texts had suggested Chitata would get me a bus ticket back to D Brehan and be on the bus / travel with me. Did not happen and first bus (6:30) did not stop, second bus about 10 minutes later did so that was good. If I had longer/ planned differently I would have booked in and dropped my rucksack then tried later bus ( 2 more passed after 1 or 2 hours) to Mehal Meba, maybe a night there and then back to lodge. Walk to Yegura easy….I am 62 years, saw group of 15 Gelada in forest on way back then 2 more groups of 60-70 and 40-50. So glad I went. Had been long enough in Ethiopia by then to manage any bus or language difficulties. Finally…….they had St George at 15 Birr a bottle, but evidently it often sells out, so I was lucky!


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