Tigrai updates

Louis writes:


  • Yohannes Museum now open at normal office hours. Worth the visit. Foreigner ticket 100 birrs. Guide optional will expect a tip. However everything well displayed in English.
  • Try the cultural cafe named Baloni. Located in the walking quarter between Lucy Park and Romanat Square.
  • ETT tour agency moved its office at Milano Hotel, as did many others.
  • Milano Hotel definitely out of the move despite if its low prices.
  • Hawelti monument still poignant. Rather unusual museum featuring many pictures. Combined enter price ticket : 50 birrs for foreigners.
  • Morning Cafe : Unmissable for early typical breakfasts such as kita, foul, fata. Supersonic service. Cheap and nice outside shadowed street terrace.



  • Museum now opened. 100 birrs for foreigners. Rough displaying (German style). Rather missable. Straight opening times : Tuesday-Saturday 9am-12.30am and 2pm-4.30pm
  • Tourism office migrated inside the Museum. Museum&Wukro guide : Mareg Abay, 0910292927
  • Top View GH : immaculate cleaning. Low water pressure, hot water erratic. 200etb double with bathroom, 150 single/double without shower.



  • Official guide price : 385 etb for a group up to 4 people. Receipt provided.
  • Typical 1st day : Yohannes Maiqudi and Debre Tsion. Typical 2nd day : Maryam Korkor and Abune Yemata Guh. May insist for the guide shows ypu the 1h30 walking shortcut between these last two churches. It is rough way however.
  • Gheralta Restaurant (not lodge) provides cheaper take away lunch boxes, sandwiches a la carte.
  • Official Guide apart, no scout or any additional helpers mandatory. A bunch of them will expect tip, very annoying and destroying for the local economy.
  • Shared bajaj between Hawzien and Megab : 10 birrs/passenger.


Debre Damo : 100 birrs tip requested by the youngster&the priest for the way up, 100 birrs more for the way down. Unacceptable for us.


Adwa : Seti Humera Hotel serves excellent continental breakfast from 6.30am, very handy.


Minibus costs.

Mekele-Hawzien : 40 etb

Adigrat-Hawzien : 23 etb

Adwa-Axum : 10 etb

Axum-Adigrat : 50 birrs


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