Dec/Jan 2016/7 trip report

Jeanine writes:

I traveled around ethiopia for 3 weeks with my sister over christmas/new year 2016/17. We used the guidebook edition 7 which was really helpful, but the following information may be useful:



thewodros hotel: pretty shabby nowadays, water didn’t work one day, 250birr –

wonderland hotel: really nice, wifi, free breakfast, hot shower, 500birr –

minivan to Babile 12 birr one-way.

Camel market monday and thursday

kim’s cafe: really nice fruit juice, good for people watching

fresh touch restaurant: changed location, closer to city center, food okay, no wifi

hirut restaurant: best and fresh bayanatu we had on this trip



NGG hotel: good rooms, wifi, one bed, hot shower, free airport shuttle 230birr

try Ura Kidane boat trip for 200birr excluding entry fee

mango café: nice bayanatu for 20birr, nice seating

marvellous juice: okay but juices are a little on the watery side

from viewpoint at the palace get tuktuk for 2 birr to main road. From mainroad 2.5birr in a minivan to city center – possibility to rent bikes for 30 birr per hour



Tele Café: good margherita pizza with a lot of cheese

4 sisters restaurant: western food isn’t good, very touristy, buffet in the evening is apparently the same as at lunchtime, not worth the money

debre selassie church new entry fee 100birr

Hotel Michael: good rooms with big bed, wifi, hot shower

brothers restaurant: food not good, expensive

200 birr for a taxi or 180birr for a tuktuk to the airport



asheten hotel: wifi, nice courtyard, twonroom with free breakfast over Genna 30 USD

unique restaurant: many tourists, pizza is just bread with tomato sauce and very small

john cafe: good fruit juice!

Ben abeba: very interesting restaurant, okay prices despite special design, western food okay not great, pretty windy in the evening

100Birr to any hotel in a minivan from the airport



Merkeb Hotel: good rooms, hot shower, wifi (sometimes not working), single bed for 2 people 160birr, good value!, nice staff

H Juice House nearby Merkeb hotel: best Spriss we ever had in Ethiopia

karibu kitchen restaurant: good pizzas with cheese, changed location, now in an alley nearby ETT office

ETT office changed location, now on main road next to Milano Hotel



Wutma hotel: 260birr per room but only allows guy+girl to share the room. 2 girls together have to pay 100birr more. We discussed it with the manager since we’re sisters and in the end he let us stay for 260birr.

KG corner: more expensive now, at least 3-5usd now. Pizza is quite good, had a hair in mine though



These were minor. we are blond and in our twenties. always wore a long skirt which we got complimented on a lot. in harar a lot of people touched us without asking (chin, arm, head, ass etc) which sucked. other than that it was totally fine.




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