Bahir Dar boat trips

Mesele Aychew has written to us with the following information about scheduled boat trips on Lake Tana offered by his organisation Bahir Dar Private Guides. Please note that while we are posting it here on the basis that it seems like useful information, it is not an endorsement as such, since we are unable to verify their reliability one way or the other:

I just write this to let solo travellers know about sharing the cost of boat trips on Lake Tana.
We are licensed boat Rentals in bahir Dar .
We have 2 new 40 HP engine Boats.

1. boat service Tour package

We have several tour package to explore lake tana and bahir dar city .
1 st package private guided boat tour which starts any time the guest requests .
2nd . Package fixed departure time boat tour with other travelers groped . (Starting time may fluctuate)

Special offer for group travellers & bahir dar university students .

Fixed departures visit lake tana monastery.
Morning 8:30
Afternoon 1:30

The above tour package can be arranged privately and with group .

Tour code :LAke 001
5 monastery /head of Nile
1.Ura kidanemhret
2.Azwa mariam
3. Kebran gebril
4. Entos eyesuse
5. Debre mariam Head of nile /hippopotamus place
Max 6 hours
250 birr per person
Max passengers 15 pax

Tour code :LAke 002
3 monastery/head of nile
1. Kebran gebril
2.Entos eyesuse
3. Debre mariam
Head of nile /hippopotamus place
Max 4 hours
150 per person
Max .passengers 15

Tour code : LAke 003
1 monastery
Debre mariam /head of nile ,hipopotame place
Max 1 hour’s
75 birr per person
Max passengers 15

2. Guide service Packages
Package city001
1. City tour
Bezawit palace
Open air market
basket/leather market
Negede woyto village

2. Debremaryam and head of Abay River
bird watching in the area
Hippo watching

3. Kibran Gebriel monastery
Aba Entons monastery
Debremaryam monastery

4. Zeghie Peninsula ura kidanemhret
Kibran Gebriel monastery
Aba Entons monastery

5.Dek island narga sellase
Zeghie Peninsula ura kidanemhret
Kibran Gebriel monastery
Aba Entons monastery

5. Daga006
Daga estifanos
Narga selasse

For more information visit


2 thoughts on “Bahir Dar boat trips

  1. Mark William says:

    I hold Bradt Guide book which helps me for my entire trip to know highlights of Ethiopia history .
    The entire trip was very memorable. The churches were beautiful, the historical sites were interesting, the people were warm and friendly.

    This is an incredible destination. Melese services were superb. ( )
    He organized Grouped Boat Trip on Lake tana , Trekking , Denakel Depressions ( )
    He responds quickly and efficiently to any and all questions (and I had many–I thought he would be very tired of me); he goes out of his way to see that his clients receive any additional services . There were some minor concerns with initially not being aware of certain parts of the itinerary because of the use of so many local guides and of lack of English proficiency with a couple of the drivers, but these concerns were very minor and have been addressed by melese for future travelers.
    Yes. Just the fact that a local company was used was one indication that money benefited the country. The tour operator uses a number of local guides in each town or village and different local drivers, which benefits each community. We had several of the guides even state how much the community benefited.
    The most exciting was seeing the Wallia Ibex and the open heart monkeys. The most memorable is the image of the people on the move, herding their cattle and livestock, walking on the roadside, carrying heavy loads, everything from water containers, sacks of grain, wood, hay and even stones. Every day was a moving tableau.
    Make sure you have plenty of small notes and coins and prepare to be hassled by the constant call of ‘take picture ‘ as it is associated with the handing over of 5 birr for the privilege of the photograph or the local children trying to sell you small trinkets. It does get annoying but you have to accept that for many it is the only way they have of surviving through the dry season and it is much better than begging. If you are travelling south and have the opportunity, fly from Addis to Arba Minch rather than drive – you are not missing that much. Try and see the museum in Jinka before visiting the southern tribes. It was one of the better museums and provided lots of information on the different tribes .
    Be realistic about some of the practical issues – toilets, wifi, plumbing etc – having said that we were pleasantly surprised at our accommodation. Sort out the tipping system and make sure you always have plenty of small notes. Don’t be tempted to give money, pens etc to children – give to an organisation – it only encourages a demeaning begging culture and can mean children stay away from school. If you want to give practical things – pens clothes etc give them to someone responsible through your guide. Always as permission before taking a photo close up and pay when requested to for a photo.
    Excellent. Having arranged the itinerary with the local operator , ( )
    Contact him ,
    the organisation by melese Aychew was excellent and we had no worries about guides, drivers, travel arrangements or hotels and could concentrate on seeing the country and the people.


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