Old Abyssinia Lodge, Lalibela

Amanda writes:

Firstly can I say, your Ethiopia 7th edition, is completely amazing! It gave such a variety of information, and recommendations. Better than any internet research I could have ever done.

We recently stayed in Old Abyssinia, which was a popular restaurant in Lalibela, and now the owner has erected three bungalows in the last 6 months for accommodation.
We stayed for three nights, and did not want to leave in the end.

The views are simply specacular! 90% of the other hotels are in the center of the town its self) and is just a short walk from all the famous Lalibela churches.
Every Morning we were treated to freshly ground coffee- including the actual fire being made, and beans being crushed. And every evening the serene view of the Ethiopian landscape, watching the sunset.

Melkamu, the owner was on point with everything we needed. And organised us, most probably the most well known guide in the town. On average a guide will cost you 50 dollars a person, we were only charged 25. Our guide ‘Wondale’ was a local paster in the town, and if we mentioned his name to any single person we came across, they knew instantly who he was.

Contact details are:

tel: 0912 02 79 92

email: info@oldabyssinia.com




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