Highland Trekking, Lalibela

Daniel Melese of Highland Eco Trekking Tours writes:

I operate a small trekking company in Lalibela. We offer homestay tours in the highland above Lalibela, where our customers get deep into the highlander community, see their way of life, even take part on their daily activity, like: farm on the field, cooking, baking Injera, preparing coffee ceremony, milking cows…
We also have guest huts built on Abune Yosef, 20 minute away from the village of Tigu Keble. We give our customers chance to stay with their guest host families, or in their own tukuls (huts), or in a tent.
Our office is located on the top hill of 7 olives hotel. Contacts are 251 912130831 or +49 17680355053 or info@highlandtrekking.com, www.highlandtrekking.com


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